Welcome on this site for information about the 31st European Police Fishing Championships 2018

September 2nd - 8th, 2018

Wijdewormer / Spijkerboor, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.



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Organizers / Organisatie
Mr. Wim Klerks
Mr. Roy Witte
Mr. Alwin Koks


Competition Secretariat / Services
Secretariaat / Ondersteuning:

EuroParcs Resort De Rijp,
Groenedijk 6,
1487ME Oost-Graftdijk
Tel: +31880708090


Dorpshuis Wijdewormer,
Wijdewormerplein 3,
1456CB Wijdewormer (Neck)
Tel: +31299421266


The secretariat will be opened on named locations:

Sunday 2 september 2018 14.00 17.00 hour Resort De Rijp
Monday 3 september 2018

08.00 09.00 hour and
17.30 18.30 hour

Resort De Rijp
Tuesday 4 september 2018 17.30 18.30 hour Resort De Rijp
Wednesday 5 september 2018 17.00 17.30 hour Dorpshuis Wijdewormer
Thursday 6 september 2018 17.00 17.30 hour Dorpshuis Wijdewormer


Venue course

Noordhollandsch Kanaal (Wijdewormer/Spijkerboor)

The championship will take place at the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. The canal has a total length of 80 km through the province of Noord-Holland. Its many connections with other waterways makes this canal very attractive for fishing, especially coarse fishing. The fish can reach this canal from many waterways.

The competition will be held on a course that is situated between the Neckermill in Wijdewormer and Spijkerboor. The course we will be using boasts a total length of 7,5 kilometres.

The road alongside this part of the canal is called the Kanaaldijk at Wijdewormer respectively Kanaaldijk at Spijkerboor. (See the locality map below)

The course is entirely accessible by car. You can park your car directly behind your fishing spot.

In most places, the berm is planted with reeds on either side of the canal. Needless to say, that is the place where the fish likes being most of all. Therefore, fishing with the feeder rod is a very good possibility. However the canal is also very well known for the good fishing with the long pole.

The width of the canal varies between 40 and 50 meters. The depth varies from 1,5 meters on the banks till approximately 4,5 meters in the middle of the canal. At 11 meters in it is about 3 meters deep.

The water has a light flow and will stream only a little faster after heavy rains. Heavy feeders or floats are not necessary.

The species we expect to be seeing are Roach, Rudd, Ide, Perch, Ruffe, White Bream, Tench and Bream ranging from 1 to 2 kilos. There is also the possibility to hook a Carp.


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Course layout




Recommended accommodations

EuroParcs Resort De Rijp



Camping Tuinderij Welgelegen - Graft

Campsite with place for approximately 10 to 12 caravans



Other camping accommodations

Camping In Het Fruit te Zuidoostbeemster: http://www.inhetfruit.nl

Camping-Caravanpark De Akker te Wormer: www.deakker.eu
Hotel Purmerend Van der Valk: www.hotelpurmerend.nl
Hotel Akersloot Van der Valk: www.hotelakersloot.nl

Hampshire Golfhotel Waterland: www.hampshire-hotels.com/hampshire-golfhotel-waterland    

Hotel De Rijper Eilanden: https://derijpereilanden.nl